Citrix is easy, right?

I get it. This stuff is supposed to be easy. And the reality is that a lot of it is.

So why is it that nearly every time I do an assessment, my takeaway is that the staff is


I've decided to do something about it- and I would love for you to join me.

Our next Beta phase is coming soon...

My name is DJ Eshelman- I've had Citrix as a focal point of my career since 2004. It hasn't been easy. It has in fact been HARD to learn.

  • Free resources and user groups didn't get me anywhere fast.
  • I relied on Google to fix problems at 3 am because I didn't know any better.
  • Courses taught me plenty of how... but rarely how to really apply to situations I found.
  • It took me FIVE YEARS to get to a level of confidence with Citrix Technologies.

It shouldn't have been like that. But I'm betting this sounds familiar. I'm betting because people tell me about it all the time, wishing there was another way.

I think I've found a way, and I want YOU to have early access to the solution to help shape how it will look when I launch to the public in September!

No Sponsored Content:

All content is funded by the members and created or curated by DJ.

No sales pitches or sales webinars!

A Support Community:

Members will have dedicated realtime chat and forum spaces to interact and support each other.

Expert Guidance:

It isn't just what I know. I have access to Citrix Experts and I'm going to share with my members!

What to Expect

What does Membership give you?

Success Lanes

Often referred to as a Success Path, we define six key areas of career guidance. This is to make sure you can 'shift lanes' into anything your career needs of you at any moment with full confidence.

Maybe you're an Engineer who also need so Design or Administrate. Each of these tasks is covered in our Success Lanes.

Mile Markers

Unique to the membership, I coach you in determining what areas of focus you should take in learning to advance in your career.

Designed to let you focus in on what areas you should be spending time learning and what you shouldn't, the Mile Markers serve as guideposts. Completing all the Mile Markers in a Success Lane means you're ready for the next Lane!


They say that confidence is sexy. But you know what? Confidence can get you PAID.

Stop putting aside your dreams and thinking it can't happen for you. I will show you how I started making six figures in 2011 and haven't dropped below since.

But it's more than that. I don't get calls at 2 am any more. People listen to what I say. It's not because I'm better than them- it's because I have confidence!

Monthly Content

Each month, you'll have access to new content that isn't just random or sponsored content.

Each deliverable will be focused on moving you forward towards Mile Markers:

  • Monthly Mile Marker lessons
  • Live Q&A with DJ
  • Tools, Downloads and Case Studies
  • Live Panels and Webinars interviewing industry experts on Mile Marker topics


I love to surprise my members with special content! But members will also get discounts on courses, coaching and other products.

You'll also have access to others in the community in a private area.

And... if you're really stuck... the ability to participate in "Office Hours" where I will be available for whatever you need!

Giving Back

Easily the best reason to succeed in life, in my opinion, is to give more. The more I make, the more I give.

This is something we'll put into practice in the membership too.

Each month 10% of the revenue from the membership will be donated to charity.


I have a sequence of videos that I'd like to share with you to explain what the membership will look like. Each video is under 10 minutes long- no sales pitches of any kind; these videos will be what people see when they join the membership in the fall.

We'll then have a workshop where you can determine where you are in the Success Lanes... for free. This assessment is something I'll be offering the public for over $100 - but you're getting it free! Why? Its a beta!

This video series is offered with no obligation. At the end of the sequence, you'll be offered the chance to join our Membership Beta!

I ask for your personal email address because this membership is for YOU, not your company.
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